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2021 Running Calendars!

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With exciting and exotic running photos from around the globe, each month of the 2021 Runner's World Calendar is packed with inspirational tips, tricks, and advice from one of the most trusted name in running. Each month will keep runners---new to old, beginner to expert--- motivated run after run. You will learn how to start off your year on the right (or left) foot during winter months, how to run to slim down in the spring, how to travel fit and lean through summer vacationing, and eat right during those dazzling autumn months.  Inside the 2021 Runner's World Calendar, you will find training for events of all types and distances, whether it's for the two-miler, half-marathon or marathon in a major city, or triathlon. Most notable dates for 150+ races, including the New York, Chicago, and Boston marathons are listed. Each month has details on the right diet and various nutritional secrets to help achieve peak performance on every run and recovery techniques to help bounce back from a road race. Also included in each month is an exercises and a workout geared at getting you in tip-top shape, no matter what level you are at. Then, at the back of the calendar are summaries of recent, prescriptive, and/or memoir Rodale running books to further inspire runners, along with an easy-to-read Pace Your Race chart to determine projected finish times.

Runners World 2021 Wall Calendar
Runners World 2021 Wall Calendar

Spend the year pushing your limits with Run Inspired Wall Calendar that is sure to motivate you to get out and hit the ground running! Each month's photograph includes an inspirational phrase that will remind you how powerful running can be, along with a running log and training tip.